13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (2024)

Looking to update your outdoor space for a low cost? Here are 13 gravel patio ideas on a budget and how we are creating a space in our own yard.

Last year, my son had a friend come over on a particularly rainy night.

His friend tried to turn around in our yard and his car got stuck.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (1)
13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (2)

Yikes, right? This woke us up at 2 am when his friend was leaving.

As you can tell, our yard got pretty torn up.

Here’s how it looks today.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (3)

Uneven ground filled with weeds and an old basketball goal base.

So we are on a mission to reclaim our janky yard and create a fire pit area that we will be able to enjoy for many years!

When we had our Vegas house many years ago, we created this paver patio using flagstone.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (4)

It was an easy project for our teeny tiny backyard that didn’t cost a lot of money.

Gravel is the go to out in Vegas as a mulch alternative and the larger stones were a great option, but I’m wanting something bigger this time around.

I’ve gone on the search for some patio inspiration and there are so many options out there.

Concrete patios, a small patio with concrete pavers, sunken patios with a retaining wall – the the type of patio ideas are endless.

But for us, the main thing we wanted to focus on was an affordable way to create an small patio that is an easy DIY and requires little maintenance.

Here are some of best gravel patio ideas I’ve found!

13 Gravel Patio Ideas on a Budget

Summer Patio from City Farmhouse

Jennifer has this beautiful space with such a gorgeous accent wall. Head over to her post to see all the details of this patio with this cozy outdoor seating.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (5)

DIY Pea Gravel Patio from Pine and Prospect Home

Andrea has an amazing home and her patio dining area is cottage perfection. Her DIY pea gravel patio sits under a gorgeous tree.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (6)

Home Stories A to Z DIY Gravel Fire Pit Idea

What I love about Beth’s backyard makeover is that she shares how it’s taken time to create this beautiful look.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (7)

Michigan Garden Makeover from Gardenista

I love Gardenista’s website and this post shares an amazing transformation of this large backyard. They added on to their existing patio creating multiple outdoor seating areas.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (8)

Gold Coast Canvas Easy and Affordable Gravel Patio

Dani’s patio is where I’m drawing lots of my inspiration from since she started with a ground cover similar to ours. You should check out her step by step instructions on how she created this space.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (9)

Dreaming of Homemaking – DIY Pea Gravel Patio

Sarah’s Patio is just the cutest! I loved how she was able to add this large area with her comfy patio furniture and fire pit coffee table.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (10)

The Handyman’s Daughter – Pea Gravel Patio

Vineta’s affordable option for a pea gravel patio is a must read! This patio makeover is perfect if you are looking for small backyard ideas.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (11)

Blesser House – DIY Patio Done in a Weekend

Lauren and Robert went into beast mode and created this gorgeous new patio complete with a gravel path. They share all the details in this post and the importance of putting down landscape fabric first!

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (12)

Jessica Welling Interiors – Outdoor Living Room

A great way to add more square feet to your home is by creating an outdoor living space that is an extension to your home. Her pergola is so beautiful with the flowing curtains.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (13)

Red Cottage Chronicles – Backyard Makeover

Maureen and her husband share this inexpensive way to add more patio space with this DIY project.

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (14)

Artsy Pretty Plants – DIY Gravel Garden

I love how Ellen has transformed overgrown garden paths into this gorgeousness. Incorporating perennial plants is a great idea to have a low maintenance area that is a stunner!

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (15)

Kindred Vintage – Sunken Patio

Don’t you want to escape to Susan’s patio with a good book? Her sunken patio makeover is just dreamy!

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (16)

Inspired by Charm Backyard Fire Pit Makeover

So I know this isn’t a gravel patio, but Michael’s colorful fire pit is so inspiring. He gave his Adirondack chairs a new look with a fresh coat of paint. I love how rustic this is under that tree canopy!

13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (17)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best types of gravel for a patio?

For us, it all comes down to affordability, but if you are wanting a detailed breakdown, this article from Tilly Design lists out all the types of gravel and the best options for your own gravel patio.

How deep should a gravel patio be?

According to multiple websites, 2 inches is ideal. That much will help control weeds and promote drainage. Anything deeper may make it more difficult to walk on.

Tips for creating a favorite place that you’ll love

  • String Lights – There’s nothing more magical than twinkling lights at night with fireflies dancing around.
  • Add a water feature – This is a good choice if you are looking to create a space that will create a zen-like peace.
  • Vertical Garden – If you are needing privacy, consider adding vertical space with a DIY garden wall. My friend Libby has a great tutorial you should check out.

I hope these easy backyard patio ideas inspired you like it has me!

Now we need to start the hard work of leveling out the yard and putting this space to good use. Stay tuned for the next steps of creating our own patio area.

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13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (18)

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13 gravel patio ideas on a budget (2024)
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